Hey there, I am Vikas Gupta. I am a security researcher, with interest in all aspects of security. Lately I have been working more on mobile application security. I enjoy reverse engineering obfuscated programs, by using combination of techniques involving symbolic execution, emulators and manual analysis.

In the past I have worked on network security, web application security, evaluating operating systems security etc. If you want to know more about my professional skills, visit my LinkedIn and Github profiles.

This blog acts as a public notebook for me. Many ideas discussed over here might not be ground breaking or new, but to have these ideas documented in one place helps me and many others around the web to keep learning. I have benefitted a lot in the past with such blog posts and this is my effort to give something back to the community. Also, I believe in the idea of Do things, tell people.

I also take up freelance pentesting projects. In case you have an assignment for me, feel free to reach me at: vikasgupta(dot)nit(at)gmail(dot)com.