Frida, Magisk and SELinux

While using Frida 12.x with Magisk v16.3+, I came across the problem that Frida is not able to spawn applications on Android. In logcat one can see the SELinux error:

avc: denied { sigchld } for scontext=u:r:zygote:s0 tcontext=u:r:magisk:s0 tclass=process permissive=0

I am not sure from the problem has started, is it Magisk, which does perform some tinkering with SELinux or is it new version of Frida. I have not open a bug with either projects yet, as I am not sure.

But for those stuck with this problem, the solution is to use magiskpolicy, which is installed along with magisk. Just go to the terminal and add this policy:

magiskpolicy –live “allow zygote magisk process *”

In case someone knows the root cause I would be more than happy to know.

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